Weekly Mumble 26th Feb 2012

        So, this is probably something I should have started months ago but as they always say better late than never. Rather than attempt to keep on top of a daily blog. Which as you can tell has failed in spectacular fashion I’ve decided to do a weekly review of events in my life and things that have interested me. Almost a column if you will. However being a columnist does usually infer that someone has hired you to write it for a specific audience whereas I’ve hired myself and my audience is the four people who looked at this website this week (always thinking of my fans, cheers guys). So this week….

I Left My Job

Yes, for those that don’t know, which will be all of you. I had spent the last three months working for the Queensland State Government here in Brisbane. However my contract came to an end this Friday past and being the honest soul I am I told them that I could not commit to another three month contract meaning that I would be leaving. I really enjoyed my time there and met some really nice people including probably the nicest man I’ve ever met. So if any of you are reading this i.e. I’ve left a link in my favourites folder on my PC. Thanks for the past three months.

Went To Some Really Nice Bars

Last night I went for a few beers in Fortitude Valley (where I live). For those the don’t know. ‘The Valley is the big party strip here in Brisbane and is home to some of the nicest and most questionable bars in the city. Having frequented some of the more questionable establishments I decided it was time to visit some of then nicer ones. Bar Bravo, Brunswick Social and Brown Bear Lodge take a bow. A good time was had all round. Special shout outs go out to Brunswick Social for having bottles of Tsing Tao and to Bravo for having $6 pints. Literal shout outs as in “I’m going to shout at you” go to the idiot who barged in front of me at the bar and tried to impress the girl he was with by saying that he got the drinks for $6 because he “knew the barman” and not the fact that it was happy hour as signs plastered everywhere stated. A grade a clown.

Discovered 4G Mobile Data

Now it’s not often that Australia is more advanced than the UK or indeed anywhere. As Saturday nights with Hetty Wainthropp Investigates have shown. However the launch of 4G mobile data here in January has pretty much blown the UK out of the water. Now I’ve only tried it in the store as my iPhone is still locked to the UK and not fully 4G compatible so I demoed it on a HTC and WOW!! I’ll hopefully be uploading a video later on today/this week when I sneak pack into the Telstra store to have another go. So get ready to be very impressed.

Well I’ve come to the end of my first column hopefully I can keep this up as I do enjoy writing. I’m not sure how interesting it will be when I head into the outback in a few weeks but I’ll try take some pictures and upload/update whenever I can (No 4G out there yet, no, no). Anyway thanks for reading and have a good one, until next week. Cheerio.


To the beach, to the beach