Graduating To Mayor

A TEESSIDE University student hopes to graduate with a first class position as Mayor of Middlesbrough.

Lloyd Cole-Nolan, 25, a media production student at the University announced his standing as the Conservative candidate in the May 5th election late last month, he said:

“People have confidence in me to do the job as the elected mayor. I want to really improve the town.”

Lloyd grew up in in the leafy villages of Cumbria, before attending University he spent three years in the army as a Tank Transporter giving him what he describes as “a great work ethic”.As a representative of the Conservative party Lloyd told Tside of his vows to work with the Coalition government to fulfill his five pledges of:

Reducing the red tape introduced by the Labour Government
Working hard to attract jobs and investment to Middlesbrough
Re-organising public transport
Reducing the cost of politics
Being honest and open

His first act should he become Mayor is to reduce the Mayor’s salary by over 30%, the wage was increased by 20% when Ray Mallon was appointed mayor in 2002, Lloyd told Tside:

“I advocate democracy in matters of politics, but is Ray Mallon really an example I can use to show that the system works?”

Competition for Lloyd comes in the form of ex-Councillor and Labour party member Michael J Carr, Lib Dem politician and Middlesbrough season ticket holder Chris Foote-Wood and current Mayor Ray Mallon.

Liberal Democrat candidate Foote-Wood this week bought the front cover to local newspaper the Herald&Post in a bid increase awareness for his campaign and to try and oust current Mayor Ray Mallon.

Mr Foote-Wood describes in his manifesto his “love for a town which he has known and loved for many years” when asked about his competition in the race for Mayor Lloyd responded:

“I don’t doubt the intentions of most of my opponent’s but the road to servitude is paved with good intentions.”

More information on Lloyd and his campaign can be found on his official website here