Support & Report – Middlesbrough v Portsmouth

The second part of a series of football blogs I wrote for TheSeventyTwo

Boro fans today had the opportunity to voice their dissatisfaction with manager Gordon Strachan after two disastrous away performances in a week, but two surprise goals in the first 45 minutes against Pompey meant chants condemning the Boro boss were put on hold.

However, after the visitors netted twice in reply and a sending off for “vice captain” Barry Robson, fans now don’t know where to look, as it seems all hope of promotion is lost after only ten games.

Many are even contemplating the prospect of a relegation battle and even the few pro-Strachan supporters are now in agreement that his honeymoon and ‘team building’ period is definitely over.

Fan favourite and another ex-Celtic boss Tony Mowbray’s name was being uttered around the stands as a potential replacement, but would the man who sold half of Celtic to Boro be welcomed by players he didn’t think were up to the task in the SPL?

A post match interview by Strachan on local radio also infuriated fans further with more phoning in to complain about his comments (now dubbed ‘Strachan-Gate’) than the performance on the pitch.

Whatever happens it’s safe to say that many feel that even darker times are ahead in the North East and as a Boro fan I’m struggling to find any positives coming from the place at the moment.

A text I received after the game seemed to sum up Boro fans feelings at the moment perfectly, it simply said: “The pitchforks are being sharpened”.