Finding The Right Accountant

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Finding the right accountant is one of the most important things you will do for your business and could be the difference between success and being one of the 66 per cent of new businesses that fail within the first three years.

AccountantNow is an independent service that helps businesses find the best and, more importantly, the right accountant service for their business.

AccountantNow prides itself on its simple yet comprehensive online service. Four simple steps is all it takes to get the right accountant for your business.

StartUp Britain is a campaign launched with the backing of the UK government in response to the call for new start ups to help kick start Britain’s economic recovery, and offers up to £1,500 in benefits from companies such as HP and 02.

Some new businesses however have criticised the initiative saying the offers may cheapen tangible products but offer very little in the way of the services that new businesses actually need.

Julian Rowe, Director at BusinessServiceFinder said: “When a business sets out it needs a solid first year package, something the government seems to be neglecting when it’s focusing on encouraging entrepreneurs.

“As a result of this independent service finders such as AccountantNow are being praised by business owners as they can find the experts that a new business would need.”

A good accounting service doesn’t come for free, but the amount they will save you in tax bills can often pay for the fee.

Rowe added: “The government is doing a lot to encourage the development of new business, offering money for business plans etc but what about the help in putting together a solid, realistic business plan?”

AccountantNow works with a network of accountants giving comprehensive cover of UK accountants, as searches are catered towards factors such as location they will endeavor to find one with a working knowledge of business in your area.

The number of new business ventures failing is rising rapidly with around 50 per cent failing in the first year and over 60 per cent within the first three. Issues such as tax are not often a problem within the first year but if not managed correctly can be a huge headache in the following years.

Rowe said: “11 per cent of businesses operate with the a 30 per cent growth annual growth rate, this is something this figure could be higher but as we’ve found a lot of companies aren’t using the right sort of accountant and support for their business.”

He added: “Even as an established business I would recommend revisiting your accounting set up at least once every 12 months to check it is operating as effectively as it should.”