Travel Update *sort of*

So, I’ve been traveling around South East Asia for two and a bit months now and intended to do a bit of a travel blog. Both for memorial reasons and to hopefully show to potential employers that I can actually still write (if I ever could) despite having a year off. But after reading some other travel blogs I controversially found them a bit self indulgent. I understand that the whole premise of writing a travel blog is to tell what you have done, and how you felt at the time but I just can’t bring myself to do it at the moment, so after giving you a list of the countries I’ve visited I’m going to blog about the books I’ve read whilst out here. Something I feel a bit more comfortable writing about, a lot of them have been region focused i.e The Killing Fields so maybe it will kickstart the travel writer in me. Anywhere first the countries I’ve visited.

**EDIT** Essentially this has turned into two months worth of missed blogs in less than one.

1) Dubai – 2 days here I really enjoyed the place. Definitely somewhere I would want to live/ come back and visit with more money.

2) Singapore – spent less than 24 hours here but having visited before it’s ditto to Dubai except I will be returning, albeit with not much money in September.

3) Hong Kong – ditto again, a lovely place.

4) Vietnam – a beautiful country, would recommend anyone to visit. Really cheap and like Thailand was before the 18-30 vibe hit the Orient.

5) Cambodia – definitely in my top 3 favorite countries. Such an interesting place with interesting stories behind it. Again definitely visit it has everything. Even beaches.

6) Laos – Now Laos didn’t really capture me too much, the beer did but not the country. Did the whole tubing thing and will testify that it’s NOT overrated. I absolutely LOVED IT. Laos was the point though when I started to get homesick for the first time, so maybe that’s why I wasn’t blown away.

7) Thailand – On this trip I’ve found Thailand to be the marmite of traveling. I really enjoy the place, especially Bangkok. It just has something about it.

8. Malaysia – Just arrived in Penang so judgement is reserved for a few days at least.

Actually maybe I can be a travel blogger , I am a self indulgent barstard after all.